66 017.05 р.
  • Артикул: A06041
  • Производитель: LD-Systems
  • Модель: ультра-компактный активный комплект со встроенным микшером
  • Наличие: Поставка 2 недели

Описание MAUI 5

The ultra compact MAUI 5 weighs in at about 11 kg while delivering 800 watts of peak power and a maximum SPL of 120 dB. Providing both sound reinforcement with extended coverage and feedback resistant monitoring the subwoofer base and 3-piece column system assembles in seconds with custom multipin connectors. The junior member of the MAUI family is most easily portable and fits onto any car seat. The vented 8" subwoofer also houses the system's Class D amplification with overcurrent, short circuit and thermal protection, LD Systems' proprietary LECC digital processing and a 4-channel mixer. Featuring Bluetooth technology for wireless streaming and microphone, line level and hi-Z inputs which can be used simultaneously the MAUI 5 lets you connect a wide variety of sources including music players and instruments such as keyboards or guitars. Individual level controls, subwoofer and master volumes plus high shelf filtering for room correction enable a perfectly balanced performance. The MAUI 5 is also available in white (LDMAUI5W).

Характеристики MAUI 5

Характеристики комплекта
Назначение для кафе / бутика
Площадь озвучивания, кв.м. 200
Состав комплекта 1 АС + 1 SUB


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