147 226.49 р.
  • Артикул: B01067
  • Производитель: CAMEO
  • Модель: Прибор полного вращения типа SPOT LED 1 х 100 Вт
  • Наличие: Поставка 2 недели

Описание AURO® BAR 100

Designed for exciting, highly creative lighting, the Cameo AURO® BAR 100 produces subtle to rich, saturated RGBW color mixes and three temperatures of white with a line of seven 15 watt quad LEDs. The all-professional moving light's features include two high speed 3-phase motors for infinite pan and tilt, 16-bit resolution for ultra smooth motion and dimming, and with a 3,600 Hz refresh rate it is ideal for TV and video applications. In addition, the AURO® BAR 100 sports colour temperature and automatic positioning correction, a strobe function and single pixel control for amazing chase effects. It is RDM enabled and provides four modes of DMX control. The fixture is Art-Net compatible with automatic FDT bridging to maintain daisy chain operation in case of single device failure. A battery powered 6-button display enables easy offline configuration. Built for reliable heavy-duty use, the AURO® BAR 100 comes in a rugged compound enclosure with both 3-pin and 5-pin DMX, RJ45 and Neutrik powerCON mains inputs and outputs. The versatile fixture operates on all voltages from 100 - 240 V AC.

Характеристики AURO® BAR 100

Характеристики интеллектуального светового прибора
16-битное позиционирование да
Zoom нет
Звуковая активация нет
Источник света LED
Каналы DMX 9, 19, 29, 39
Количество цветов RGBW
Мощность источника света 7 х 15 Вт
Наклон бесконечно
Панорама бесконечно
Потребляемая мощность 140W
Режим StandAlone да
Режим мастер-слейв нет
Тип луча beam
Угол раскрытия луча
Цвет корпуса черный
Число светодиодов 7


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