HydraBeam 600 RGBW

61 175.46 р.
  • Артикул: B04023
  • Производитель: CAMEO
  • Модель: Световой эффект из 6 мини-голов LED 10 Вт CREE RGBW
  • Наличие: Поставка 2 недели

Описание HydraBeam 600 RGBW

The Cameo HydraBeam 600 RGBW combines 6 ultra fast moving lights in a single compact fixture. Projecting crisp, extremely focused beams with an angle of 4.5°, they are equipped with bright, powerful 10W quad LEDs by Cree. Each light is individually controllable for totally independent 270° tilt movement. The HydraBeam 600 RGBW features 5 modes of DMX control, sound activation and automatic operation with exciting built-in programs. It includes a high-speed strobe function that fires more than 20intense flashes per second and master, slave and standalone capability. The solid compound construction integrates a quiet low-noise fan that keeps the HydraBeam 600 extremely cool and a 4-button display for intuitive, user-friendly configuration.

Характеристики HydraBeam 600 RGBW

Характеристики светового эффекта
Звуковая активация да
Каналы DMX 6, 10, 11, 32, 60
Подвижный да
Потребляемая мощность 120 Вт
Режим StandAlone да
Режим мастер-слейв да
Тип эффекта beam
Цветность RGBW


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